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[18 Jul 2005|12:02am]
New Journal.


Why? Because xopinktears is fucking gay.
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[15 Jul 2005|10:10pm]

Go to that site for some wicked awesome friends only banners, made by yours truly.
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[15 Jul 2005|07:28pm]
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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[13 Jul 2005|03:14pm]
I want you to use this entry to post any sort of comment you want to me. It can be a secret, a fear, a story, a love, a confession, your private thoughts, something personal or impersonal, a prayer, an opinion, something you've done, something you've achieved, how you feel about a special somebody, an illness, a hope, a dream, your future, things that have happened in the past, anything your heart desires. Post more than once if you'd like, in fact, I recommend it, just make sure you post it anonymously, with honesty. You do not have to be on my friends list to answer this, nor do you even have to like or know me. <3

EDIT: Keep it anonymous, people! And don't be mean.
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[25 Jun 2005|02:53pm]
Just wanted to say I am on HIATUS TILL 27TH! Going Camping!
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[20 Jun 2005|08:05pm]

Go there, and tell me what you think!
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[20 Jun 2005|05:43pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus! Her name is Lola, and I love her. Get a Fetus! Lola and your fetus can be friends!

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